Season 1 Episode 1 – Introduction to Us

Welcome to our new video series on different topics. Our first topic is an introduction to us and who we are! Next, we discuss what it is like to have a rare and complex disease in the U.S. healthcare system. We will then be filming individual episodes digging deeper into insurance and treatment challenges and some great caveats for both patients and providers! Our audience is NOT just autoinflammatory patients! These videos will be beneficial to many specialties who treat complex patients and use specialty medications!


  • Welcome
    • 1st of an 8 part series
    • Focused on U.S. healthcare system, insurance and treatment guidance and caveats
  • Why we created this video series
    • Audience
  • Who Are We?
  • Why did we create SDthe411?
    • Our mission
      • Adult Focus
      • Pediatric to Adult Challenges
      • Fill in “donut hole” in current organizations
    • Feedback from patients & providers that there is a lot of misclassification about disease
  • Shalla’s story
  • David’s story

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