Season 1 Episode 2 – Sickcare vs Healthcare

For our second video, we dig into the U.S. sickcare system and what that means for patients with chronic disease.

We’ve got a new page up that hosts these videos. Check out it out HERE.

Episode 2

The U.S. “Sickcare” System: Navigating a Fragmented System not designed for complex care

  • “Sickcare” vs “Healthcare”
    • Reactionary medicine vs. preventative care
    • How to utilize a primary care provider
    • Insurance dictates prescribing behavior
      • No incentive for metacognition
    • Revolving door phenomenon in clinical visits
  • What it means to be complex
    • Navigating multi-specialists
    • Navigating hospital admission/ER
      • How to practice shared medicine to be an active voice in care
      • To-go bag
      • Labs
      • Polypharmacy
  • Don’t neglect/delay care due to COVID
  • Barriers
    • Punt-Punt-Pass (
    • The ugly T word
    • Lack of willingness to say “I don’t know”
    • Knife fight in a phone booth
  • Solutions Moving Forward
    • Collaborative Care
    • Access resources
      • Clinical Coordination of Care (pharmacy, nurse navigator, case manager, social work, financial assistance-insurance/drug manufacturers
    • Virtual training platforms
    • Pediatric Immunology/Rheumatology as a better model
    • Quality of Life (QOL) and Outcomes

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