Resource Library

Resource Library

Welcome to your Still’s disease resource library!

Here you can find peer-reviewed journal articles on the many facets of Still’s disease. As authors of evidence-based blogs, we utilize some of these journal articles as citations. We also want you as patients, family or support members of patients and providers to utilize this library!

To ensure Still’s disease patients and their providers are armed with the science behind their disease, these resources are all open access except where mentioned. We have provided those housed and accessible for free on Pubmed Central, Unpaywall, DOAJ, and a myriad of other free and legal resources that make science more open and accessible.

In the event you are unable to get a full copy of an article, we strongly encourage you to ask your provider for a copy, as they generally have resources to access medical literature. Most providers will be happy to use and share evidence-based information for your care, and when you ask them for a study, you start to develop a deeper patient-provider partnership based in a common understanding of your disease.

Comprehensive Reviews

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Defining Adult Onset Still’s Disease

Comprehensive articles covering all aspects of SJIA and AOSD, including history, clinical presentation, and diagnosis. Ideal introductory texts.


We covered Still’s disease diagnosis, and the problem with current criteria in our blog:
Diagnosing Still’s disease

Macrophage Activation Syndrome

See our post about MAS:
Immune-Overdrive: Cytokine Storms & COVID-19

Macrophage Activation Syndrome or MAS is a life threatening complication long associated with Still’s disease.

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