Hot Topic: AOSD Diagnosis Post-COVID-19

A call to Action: Earlier Recognition, Research, & Treatment Options There’s a recent article in The Lancet Rheumatology by Bamidis et al. (2021) about a case of Still’s disease developed after COVID. We wanted to take a minute to share some highlights and bring attention to Still’s disease as a potential consequence of COVID-19 infection.Continue reading “Hot Topic: AOSD Diagnosis Post-COVID-19”

Still’s Disease Complications: Part I Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders

See the Introduction to the series HERE. Where Still’s Disease and Infections Meet As the first part of our series on Still’s disease complications, we are examining the innate immune dysregulation of Still’s and related immune system disorders and deficiencies.  We wanted to start our discussion of Still’s disease complications with the ramifications of immuneContinue reading “Still’s Disease Complications: Part I Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders”